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Boron Carbide med. length Venturi Nozzles

Boron carbide sandblasting nozzle, venturi style, medium reach, 1/2" entry, armored aluminum jacket and 3/4" NPSM (straight) threads.

When you are working close up, doing spot blasting and need additional velocity to remove scale or add a surface profile, put away your straight bore nozzle and try one of our 4" long venturi nozzles. Our Medium length Boron carbide nozzles are just the nozzles you need to add extra performance and life when blast cleaning with aggressive abrasives like aluminum oxide.

ATV nozzles are higher performance than our short UT style nozzles. How do ATV nozzles achieve this?

The answer is: UT nozzles have a straight bore; ATV nozzles have a venturi style bore. Having a venturi shaped bore increases exit velocity. Higher exit velocity means higher abrasive impact speeds & improved productivity. If you are using UT style nozzles and need higher performance, then look at our ATV nozzles. Available in a choice of Boron carbide or Tungsten carbide.

Thread info:  NPSM designates straight threads.  NPSM threads are the most common threads on sandblasting nozzles in USA.    Occasionally you will come across a hose fitting with NPT threads.  NPT threads are tapered threads and are not compatible with NPSM threads. If you try to use a nozzle with NPSM threads and wind it into a NPT threaded holder, nozzle will not go more than a few turns before stopping. If you turn on blast system in such a scenario, abrasive stream will blast away at bottom of nozzle and you will destroy the nozzle. Always use compatible NPSM fittings with your NPSM threaded nozzles.


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Medium length boron carbide nozzle - 1/4" Bore


Medium length Boron carbide nozzle - 3/16" Bore

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