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Short blast cleaning nozzles & inserts
High Performance Boron carbide blast cleaning nozzle
Increase production rate with XLBC nozzles
Quality blast cleaning nozzles
Quality Sandblasting / Blast Cleaning nozzles from Everblast. When you need a competitively priced quality nozzle for your blast cleaning application look at the range we have available and variety of bore sizes.
Water Jet Nozzle
Dust control with Wet blasting nozzles

Sandblasting nozzles for abrasive blast cleaning

Select sandblasting nozzles and inserts from our extensive range.  From Dry blasting to wet blasting we offer nozzles that will help in achieving productive blast cleaning.
Everblast™ Established, in 2002 in Illinois, brings almost 20 years of dedicated focus to engineering, building & supply of quality carbide sandblasting nozzles. We provide Sandblasting equipment distributors who in turn supply steel and other maintenance companies with blast cleaning nozzles that incorporate Everblast's quality wear resistant carbide liners. Our grit blasting nozzles aka sandblasting nozzles, blasting nozzles, Blast Cabinet nozzles, peening nozzles, suction gun inserts all offer wear resistant carbide liners, these include:  boron carbide, Silicon carbide,; Sylacon,aka Silicon Nitride and tungsten carbide.
Sandblasting nozzles are used to accelerate and focus abrasive stream to: (1) Clean surfaces (2) create an anchor pattern or profile so that a coating can adhere to metal surface.  A wide variety of structural, steel surfaces need blast cleaning before painting, e.g. Bridges, locomotives, rolling stock, silos, tanks, petrochemical plants, oil rigs, military equipment, boats / shipyards and bodyshops.  Smaller or more delicate parts are also blast cleaned e.g. aircraft outer surfaces to clean off old paint, electronic parts, auto bodies, fiberglass products, wood surfaces, engines and transmissions.  Dentists use small nozzles to spray bicarb of soda solution on to teeth!Think of a surface and nearly all need some form of abrasive cleaning.
Some examples of Sandblasting, media blasting or grit blasting applications: 
  • Dry Blasting - using dry abrasives such as coal slag, garnet, aluminum oxide to clean and add profice to hard surfaces like steel.
  • Shot Blasting - propelling blast cleaning media (e.g. steel shot) using centrifugal force created by a mechanical spinning device.
  • Soda Blast Cleaning - uses Formulated Bicarbonate of soda to clean softer surfaces e.g building walls, aluminum surfaces etc.
  • Steel Grit Blasting - Uses steel grit, shot etc,
  • Wet or slurry blasting. Used when dust control is needed especially when surface being blasted has  hazardous contaminants.
  • Vapor blasting where the water mixing with abrasives is controlled and reduces run off.  
  • Vacuum Blasting - used where containment is needed and recycling is considered a cost saver.
  • Dry Ice Blasting - used in the aviation industry
  • Ceramic / Pencil blasting
  • Bead blast cleaning
  • Peening - to add additional hardness to e.g. steel surfaces.
  • Pipe blast cleaning both outer and inner surfaces.
  • Monument cleaning
  • Glass and stone etching
  • bead blasting
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Wooden structures
  • Paint removal off aircraft surfaces.
  • Graffiti removal
  • Stone and brick work cleaning
Our blast nozzles are used in conjunction with many different types of machinery for pressure blast cleaning e.g. Sandblasting pots, sand blasting cabinets, peening machinery, pressure washers, suction guns, slurry blast cleaning machines,  machinery for stripping paint of aluminum,  robotic / remote controlled blasting machines, water blast cleaning systems etc.
Blast cleaning media, flowing through a nozzle, will eventually wear away liner bore. As bore size increases it gradually reduces sandblasting system's performance by increasing demand for air.  In situations where no more air is available this will result in reduced abrasive exit velocity and reduction in blasting performance and increase in costs. It is important to check nozzles before start of every shift for bore wear and/or any damage. 
Everblast's contractor style sandblasting nozzles / grit blasting nozzles / sandblasting nozzles /  blast cleaning tips  are supplied with a choice of contractor style (2" /  50mm) or  -1/4" NPSM threads.  Our long venturi sandblasting nozzles are available with either 1" (25mm) or 1-1/4" (32mm) entry.

We offer a wide range of straight bore carbide inserts made from tungsten carbide, boron carbide or ceramic. These inserts are widely used in suction style blast cleaning guns. These are used where small parts or light blasting is needed e.g. in blast cabinets and / or workshops where close up blast cleaning is needed.  We also make a range of armor jacketed short, straight bore boron / tungsten carbide nozzles with 3/4" NPSM threads that use a 3/4" NPSM threaded nozzle holder that it attached to the blast hose.  Typically these fitted on small blast pots. 

When you are working close up, doing spot blasting and need additional velocity to remove scale or add a surface profile, put away your straight bore nozzle and try one of our medium length venturi nozzles. 

Our medium length ATV nozzles are higher performance than our short UT style nozzles. How do ATV nozzles achieve this?

The answer is: UT nozzles have a straight bore; ATV nozzles have a venturi style bore. Having a venturi shaped bore increases exit velocity. Higher exit velocity means higher abrasive impact speeds & improved productivity. If you are using UT style nozzles and need higher performance, then look at our ATV nozzles. Available in a choice of Boron carbide or Tungsten carbide.

We offer a choice of different jackets to protect carbide sandblasting liners. From our all armored alloy jackets and threads that provide a very high level of protection against ricochet wear and impact to lighter weight thermoplastic plastic jackets that provide good impact protection for liners. 

Everblast makes a range of high quality Boron carbide High performance XLBC blast cleaning nozzles. These light weight nozzles have an advantage over other high performance nozzles in that they offer superior wear properties typical of boron carbide.  These nozzles blast faster and are great to use when large surface areas need blast cleaning. They can be used for dry and wet blasting.  Our Venturi Nozzles are available with either 1-1/4" NPSM fine threads or 2" coarse threads.  

We offer a comprehensive range of angle nozzles that can direct abrasive flow at 45 degrees (approx) this is a great help when blast cleaning difficult to reach areas. These 45 degree sandblasting nozzles are available with one, two or three, forward shooting exit ports. We also offer a 1/2" O.D. blast cleaning probe for blast cleaning inside small (narrow) deep holes. Also avaible are 90 degree blast cleaning nozzles.

Wet blasting and soda blast cleaning has become popular, as these methods offer a way of controlling dust - please see our range oWet blasting nozzles. However, like many methods of blast cleaning there are pros and cons. It is important that each blast cleaning company researches to find out which method of blast cleaning (wet or dry) offers optimal results, given the type of surface preparation work being undertaken, abrasives used & coating that may subsequently be applied.


Guide on Estimated Nozzle Service Life in hours.

All figures are indicative and given for nozzle comparison purposes only. Actual nozzle service life will depend on operational variables, such as blast pressure, media dimensions and media particle profile. All figures are approximate.

Nozzle Liner Material Steel/Grit Shot (hours) Expendable Abrasives (Hours)  Aluminum Oxide (Hours)
Ceramic 20-40 10-30 1-4
Tungsten Carbide 500-800 300-400 20-40
Silicon Carbide/Silicon Nitride 600-1000 400-600 50-100
Silicon Composite 1400-2300 700-1450 180-900
Boron Carbide 1500-2500 750-1500  200 - 1000

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