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Double Venturi nozzle with fine threads

Our Tungsten carbide, Double Venturi nozzles are designed for blast cleaning, where a wider, less aggressive, blast pattern is needed. They work well in blast cleaning applications that use softer abrasives like Bicarb of Soda, Plastic, Pumice etc.   Double venturi nozzles are a good option to have when blast cleaning brick walls, concrete walls, paving stones, swimming pools etc.  Our double venturi nozzles are available with bores ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" in normal 1/16" increments.  They are available with industry standard 1-1/4" NPSM fine threads.  Featuring a heavy duty armored jacket that provides additional protection and make this a tough nozzle for use in the harshest site conditions.  These quality nozzles are built in and ship from our facility in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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Tungsten carbide, double venturi nozzle. 1/2" bore. 1-1/4" ...


Tungsten carbide, double venturi nozzle. 7/16" bore. 1-1/4" ...


Tungsten carbide, double venturi nozzle. 3/8" bore. 1-1/4" ...


Tungsten carbide Double venturi nozzle. 5/16" Bore. 1-1/4" ...


Tungsten carbide double venturi blast cleaning nozzle, 1/4" ...

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