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Boron Carbide Banana nozzle for blast cleaning in restricted and/or difficult to access areas. 3/8" Bore. Approx. 41 degree curve.
Boron Carbide Banana Nozzle # 6
EVB-CB4-BC6 nozzle

Boron carbide Banana Nozzle.  EVB-CB4-BC6 .  We recommend that Banana nozzle is used with our tungsten carbide lined reducer and brass thread convertor - part number TA-CB2-114.  This convertor, in addition to converting threads to work with an 1-1/4" female threaded nozzle holder funnels abrasive flow down to the banana nozzle's entrance size.  

Very useful for blasting in restricted areas.

Pictured below Boron carbide curved nozzle.



Model: EVB-CB4-BC6

Part number: 1004150

Liner: Boron Carbide

Threads: 3/4" NPSM

Bore: approx 3/8" (#6)

Bend: Approx 130 deg.

EVB-CB4-BC6 features.  
  • light weight.
  • Boron Cartbide.
  • Narrow profile. (0.88" O.D. over curved area.
  • Length 4.73" (without thread convertor)
  • Bore 3/8"
  • Model Number EVB-CB4-BC6
  • Part number 1004150


(2) Brass thread convertor with tungsten carbide liner. This acts as an interchange between a standard 1-1/4" threaded nozzle holder and 3/4" threads on curved nozzle. (TA-CB2-114)



Units in box: 1

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