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CurvoBlast 2020

Curvo Blast ™  The Curved Nozzle for sandblasting difficult to aim at areas. 

This Silicon Composite curved nozzles for sandblasting is available as standard with 3/4" threads - we recommend using our carbide lined "lead in" to narrow down abrasive stream from blast hose to curved nozzle entrance.  The "Lead in" converts our Curvo Blast nozzle for use with standard 1-1/4" nozzle holders.  Curved nozzles are useful for grit blasting around tubes or curved forms where abrasive can't be aimed at the blast cleaning surface by a straight nozzle - it can only be reached by using an angle nozzle like our curved nozzle. A good example of a use for this nozzle is in ships where many pipes run close up to the curved hull and cleaning behind and under these pipes can be difficult.  With our curved nozzle you are able to direct flow of abrasive directly on to blast area.  This is a quality tool for blast cleaning hard to reach areas. 

The Everblast curved nozzle is unique in that it incorporates a single piece Silcon composite curved liner.  Having a single piece of carbide can mean that this nozzle lasts longer,  when compared to other types of curved nozzles. These nozzles are made at and ship from our facility in Crystal Lake Illinois.


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Curved nozzle for blast cleaning in restricted and/or ...

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