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Tungsten Carbide Inserts O.D. 7/8

These quality tungsten carbide liners / inserts  are designed to fit into a number of popular sandblasting cabinet guns & suction guns with an O.D. of 7/8" (22.2mm). They feature a straight bore with tight blast pattern for spot cleaning on small parts. Tungsten carbide being a tough wear resisting material, is well suited for use in blasting guns since a part of the nozzle is exposed.  Offering toughness coupled with a longer life than either Aluminum oxide ceramics or steel it is a great choice for many blast cleaning set ups. Availabe in the mose widely used bore sizes,  ranging from 1/4" to 1/2".  All our quality products are shipped from our facility outside Chicago, Illinois.

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Tungsten carbide straight 5/16" bore insert 7/8 O.D.


Tungsten carbide straight 3/8" bore insert 7/8 ...


Tungsten carbide straight 7/16" bore insert 7/8 O.D.


Tungsten carbide straight 1/2" bore insert 7/8 ...


Tungsten carbide straight 1/4" bore insert 7/8 O.D.

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