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Boron carbide insert 3/16" straight bore BCI-SB35-3

High quality replacement  Boron carbide insert with 1/2" O.D. for Siphon style blast cleaning guns. Light duty siphon blasters are used to remove old paint, rust, oxidation, graffiti, most deposits caused by exposure to weather on outside surfaces.

Light duty blasters can be used in: Auto workshops, cleaning machinery, glass etching, monument work and restoration. Boron carbide nozzles can last up to 25 times longer or more than a ceramic nozzle when used with expendable abrasives.

           Model                Part No         


O.D. Bore
BCI-SB35-3 60041   1.563" (39.7mm)    O.50/ 12.70 mm    3/16" (4.80 mm)

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