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XLBC High Performance Nozzles





XLBC High performance nozzles reduce costs while increasing productivity

  • Light weight. Only weighs between 2.75 lbs. & 3.00 lbs. (approx.) depending on size & thread configuration.

  • Boron carbide liner gives Superior wear properties when compared with Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Nitride/SiALON, Silicon Carbide. Approx. double the wear life of silicon nitride.

  • Higher media exit energy (than a standard venturi nozzle) achieved by incorporating a specially engineered venturi design. Derived from a documented Computational fluid dynamics study undertaken in 2006. Where it was found that by changing geometry on I.D. of a liner (#6) particle energy (Kinetic) could be increased.  This increase in kinetic energy could result in increased production speed. 

  • XLBC nozzles increases production speeds substantially by between 25 and 45% over an equivalent size standard venturi nozzle.

  • Increases productivity by blasting faster. 

  • Can be used over a broad spectrum of abrasives.

  • Ergonomic jacket design.

  • Available in popular bore sizes. From #4 to #10   

  • Offered with two industry standard thread styles. (A) Aluminum Contractor/Coarse threads and (B) fine (1-1/4 NPSM) brass threads (please see charts below).

  • Can be used for dry blasting, wet blasting,

  • Great for blasting large surface areas.

  • Extended blasting reach from 14” length.

  • Excellent impact resistance by using a laminated impact resistant sleeve to protect liner.

  • Competitive Price.

  • Proven performance with over 10 years of sales.

  • Made in USA from domestic and imported parts.


*Video clip showing everblast's xlbc high performance nozzles on vapor blaster.

videoicon XLBC High performance Boron carbide Blast cleaning nozzle in operation



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