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UDFW - Carbide sandblasting nozzles

These high quality tungsten carbide long, venturi nozzles use a flange locking system instead of the normal threads. They need a special nozzle holder that accepts/works with a flange nozzle. Why a flange locking system? It is considered to be quicker and easier to use when changing out nozzles.  Another big advantage of this nozzle is that it has an armored jacket that compliments the rugged tungsten carbide liner to provide a tough nozzle that will hold up very well in most hostile blasting conditions. Nozzle features an 1-1/4" Wide entry entrance for optimum performance with 1-1/4" or smaller hose I.D.'s.  And to round off the features on this quality sandblasting nozzle is its ergonomic jacket with knurling to provide a great gripping surface. Available in boore sized from 3/8" to 3/4" this blast nozzle can handle big jobs. This quality product is available to ship from our locations outside Chicago Illinois. If you need more info please contact us.

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Tungsten carbide, 3/8" bore wide entry nozzle with flange.


Tungsten carbide, wide entry nozzle with flange.


Tungsten carbide wide entry nozzle with flange.


Flange type Long venturi,tungsten carbide nozzle. 5/8" ...


Tungsten carbide wide entry nozzle with flange.

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