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90 degree angle nozzles - coarse threads

This tungsten carbide 90 degree angle nozzle is a useful tool to have when you need to blast clean in a resricted space.  This right angle shoooting nozzle can be used to blast clean internal side walls of e.g. a U shaped steel form where access is restricted for a standard venturi nozzle. This carbide angle nozzle is available with 3 different exit port bore sizes 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2".   It is fitted with aluminum, industry standard coarse threads (50mm / 2 ").  Made from Tungsten carbide this tough angle nozzle will hold up well in tough site conditions. Everblast quality nozzles are available from stock from our facility in Crystal Lake illinois.


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90 degree angle nozzle.. 1/2" bore, contractor threads


90 degree tungsten carbide angle nozzle. 3/8" Bore, ...

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