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XLBC with Contractor threads

High Performance Boron carbide nozzles. Wide entry (1-1/4"). Aluminum jacket.  Contractor threads.  EZ grip style.


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XLBC-6/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC-6/50 Boron carbide High performance, 3/8" Bore, wide ...

XLBC-7/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC-7/50 Boron carbide High performance 7/16" bore, wide ...


XLBC-8/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC-8/50 Boron carbide High performance, 1/2" bore wide ...

XLBC-10/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC Boron carbide, High performance, 5/8" bore, wide entry ...

XLBC-4/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC-4/50 Boron carbide High performance, 1/4" bore, wide ...

XLBC-5/50 High Production Nozzle

XLBC- 5/50, Boron carbide High performance,5/16" bore, wide ...

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