Water Jet Noz. WJ-5

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Tungsten carbide water Jet nozzle, 5/16" bore. Hose assembly supplied separately.
water jet nozzle for wet blasting # 5

Water Jet Nozzle. Mixes Water and abrasive inside nozzle jacket chamber. Amount of water entering nozzle can be controlled through a valve on water line WJ-HA (Pictured below)


Water Jet Nozzle 5/16" bore.

Model No. Part Number NPSM Threads Bore Inch Bore mm Height  Optional Extra
WJ-5 3241067 1-1/4" -11 1/2 5/16 8.00 6.25"/159mm WJ-HA


Available WJ-HA Hose assembly with garden hose type connector and water control valve.